Kiteboarding Rentals MA

CapeCoeSimilarly to its neighbour, Rhode Island, coastal part of Massauchusetts is a paradise for kiteboarders. Here you will find nice waves, strong wind and long beaches. Kitesurfers in Massachusetts have a wide range of spots to choose from. There are a couple of beaches around Boston, on Cape Cod peninsula as well as on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard islands. You also have a chance to rent good quality equipment or book a lesson with a professional instructor. Kiteboarding rentals MA include, among others: Boston Kite School and Skyhigh Kiteboarding on Martha’s Vineyard island. If you decide to purchase your own gear you may save some money buying second-hand equipment. There are plenty of shops offering used gear around MA, for example: Inland Sea Windsurf Co (Kitesite.net). For those who want to check kiteboarding rentals around MA, prices range from 120$ to 150$ daily for a kite. There is also a possibility to rent boards (30-50$), harness and other additional equipment.


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