Kiteboarding spots in New York

Hudson RiverWater sports in the middle of the city? Why not! In NYC everything is possible. The city is located directly at the mouth of the Hudson River, on New York Bay. Water is almost everywhere so New York inhabitants as well as tourists visiting the city may practice kiteboarding not only on the neighbouring Long Island but also around the city itself. Which are the best kiteboarding spots in New York? If you are a beginner or if it is going to be your first time, two spots recommended for greenhorns are: Great Kills Park on Staten Island and Lido Beach. In the latter it is possible to kitesurf both on the ocean and on the bay side but if you like bigger waves it will be obviously better to ride on the ocean side. There are also a couple of kiteboarding schools in the area, including KiteClub NYC. For those who strive for some unusual experience there is a possibility to kite on the Hudson River. Just beware of boats and ships and be prepared for swimming in muddy brown water! There are two more kiteboarding spots in New York: Howard Beach and Long Beach. To kitesurf here you need to be an advanced or at least intermediate rider due to some obstacles in the water such as rocks or wave breakers.


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