Kiteboarding in Oregon

Kiteboarding at Hood RiverOregon has a diversed and picturesque landscape;mountains and desert on the east and a scenic and windswept coastline on the west. The natural northern border of the state is the Columbia river which has played a great role in development of the region. The weather in Oregon is rather warm but water is usually cold so if you think of kiteboarding in Oregon, take your wetsuit with you!
Kitesurfers who like wave riding go to spots located on the coast such as Seaside, Lincoln City, Gearhart, Sunset Beach, Newport, Fort Stevens and Cannon Beach. The biggest waves may be found in Manzanita while the spot in Newport is recommended for expert riders only due to a very difficult launch conditions.
People kiteboarding in Oregon also choose the Columbia River with many interesting spots, among which there are Hood River, Kalama, Sauvie Island, Rooster Rock and Prescott Beach. There are some more kitesurfing spots on the river, but the above ones are the most popular. Especially Hood River with flat water appropriate also for beginners.


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